All-Star game gives Spectrum Center chance to bounce back from bad report

In December 2018, the Spectrum Center was ranked dead last for NBA venues in a list made by ESPN, so we asked one concession stand company what changes they've made ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend.

"A lot more people coming in means a lot more opportunity for revune for the city," said 

The All-Star stage could mean a second chance for the Spectrum Center's sanitation record.

"Kind of disturbed by it because I was thinking a venue as big as that.." "… that's something that you don't want anyone to hear about that"


After 25 food safety violations came to light, like beer dripping from the ceiling and failure to documnet when food should be cooked or thrown away, Spectrum Center's concession partner Levy sent FOX 46 a statement, saying in part, "our most recent inspection received a strong score of 98.5 out of 100..our ongoing practices of reviewing sanitation with every team member before each event ensure we continue to operate at the highest level."

On Good Day Charlotte Wednesday morning  the Spectrum Center's executive chef previewed what's on this weekend's menu. Stadium food is top on Ryan Thompson's mind. 

"It's kinda number one really, second to the event," Thompson said. 

"I wouldn't mind giving it a second chance. I think if any time this is the time."

Some fans are keeping their taste buds open. Others are switching teams. 

"I believe there's so many other places in the Charlotte area to try out that have great restaurants especially downtown," another Charlotte neighbor said. 

FOX 46 obtained the latest inspection where there were no crtical violations for the Spectrum Center, as for Bojangles Coliseum, tey also received a grade a with three critical violations like keeping cheese past seven days.