All-Star Kids Clinic: Children with special needs take a swing at golf with pros

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FOX 46 Charlotte

A pro golfer and his caddie are getting results by hitting the links with the kids. FOX 46 Charlotte was on the course as Webb Simpson and Paul Tesori helped younger golfers tune up their skills.

Ahead of one of the biggest PGA tournaments of the year - the excitement is building up for a different reason. Pro golfer Webb Simpson hit the links with 25 young VIPs Monday ahead of his time at Quail Hollow for the Wells Fargo Championship.

"I love seeing the game grow. I love seeing the kids grow, not only in golf but in life," Simpson said. 

Simpson made it out for the All-Star Kids Clinic, an event for children with special needs started by his caddie Paul Tesori. 

"Very often they get left behind and they're not really focused on. For us, we start it off with 'let's make them VIPs,'" Tesori said. 

He started the Tesori Family Foundation after his son Isaiah was born with Down syndrome in 2014. His goal is to get a group of people who are usually overlooked a chance to fit in.

"This event includes everyone and gives them the opportunity to come out and play. It's an awesome event," Mother Shaye Hobart said. 

For Simpson, who's been living in Charlotte since 2010, this event puts things into perspective for him.

"They're hitting golf shots and when they didn't hit one they liked too much they didn't get too upset. When they hit a good one, everyone cheered and they got really excited which is fun to see," he said. 

And for Tesori, he has a message for everyone.

"There are just different challenges than you and I might have and it looks different. That's all," he said.