Allergy season starting up as warmer weather moves in

Sneezing. Coughing. Itchy eyes. It’s allergy season and it’s in full swing.

It’s the season to sniffle and sneeze. Allergy season is in full swing and people are doing everything they can to fight back.

“He’s almost five and just needs to play,” said Jessica Sweeney about her son Braden who needed a little bit of fresh air. The two are regulars at the Freedom Park playground. It’s what’s in the air that’s causing problems for both Braden and his mom.

“We talked to our doctors and we are going to stay on Zyrtec until the pollen dies down,” said Sweeney.

“There are a lot of different things that could make you miserable out there,” explained Dr. Alekh Gupta with Charlotte Medical Clinic. Right now, the main culprit is tree pollen but mold, grass, and weed will continue to be issues for some people. Dr. Gupta says allergy medicine over the counter is a great option for most people.

“I think sometimes it is how you use them and when you use them and you may need more guidance on that,” said Gupta. “I think you should see a specialist if you have tried them and they aren’t working. It can take a little tweaking to get the relief you need.”

Pollen likes to travel. There are steps you can take that don’t involve medicine. Dr. Gupta says keep your windows and doors closed. If you spend time outside when you come back inside you should wash those clothes and your face.

“Physically getting the pollen off as well will help,” said Gupta.

When it comes to your pets they be carriers for pollen. While the pollen counts are high you may want to consider bathing your pets more often if they spend a lot of time outside.

Until the pollen calms down both Jessica and her son Braden will stick to their doctor’s orders and try to fight back as best as they can.