Another York County mom arrested after child tests positive for meth

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Ashley Branham, 24, was arrested after her 4-month-old tested positive for meth. 

Rock Hill investigators say there is a growing issue in York County as several moms are facing charges after their children tested positive for meth. 

The most recent case involved a baby who was just four months old. The months long investigation into 24-year-old Ashley Branham started in January. 

Rock Hill police were notified by the South Carolina Department of Social Services after an anonymous tipster claimed that Branham was reportedly using meth in front of her four-month-old.

Officers say Branham was issued a court ordered drug test, where she tested positive for amphetamine and meth. The baby also tested positive for amphetamines and opiates.

This isn't the first time moms in York county have been caught behaving badly. Four other meth using moms were all arrested in December, and in July 2018, a mom along with three others were also accused of using meth around a child. 

Investigators say the majority of these drug cases start as a request from the Department of Social Services.

As for the latest case in Rock Hill, officers say the father of the child also took a drug test and didn't have any drugs in his system.