Anti-Trump protesters asking local leaders to protect them from Trump administration

These protesters understand that the President-elect is Donald Trump and there is nothing they can do about that but they still insist on protesting.

"My responsibility doesn't end after election time, it continues on forever! As long as I am alive and a citizen of the United States of America, I need to voice my opinion pro or con with what's happening with our country," Janice Caesar said.

"All I’m saying is we heard what he was doing in the campaign trail and there is a great saying in the South, if somebody show you who they are, believe them. We believe Donald Trump when he says he's going to build a wall, we believe him when he says we are going to band Muslims," Lead Anti-Trump protester Andrew Fide said.

They are protesting to make sure local leader are proactive and protect their people.

"The city of New York, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Mayor of Chicago, they've all take action to protect their undocumented workers. Does charlotte have a plan? Does Roy Cooper have a plan? Does Jennifer Roberts and our new city manager, do they have a plan to protect our people here?" Fide said.

They are asking for a 24-hour hot line where people can report hate crimes because these protestors say there has been an increase since the election. Also, they tell FOX 46 Charlotte they feel the people Trump is appointing to his cabinet, aren't the people to advise a president.

"I’m hoping he's listening really carefully to what our concerns are and that some of his appointments are people in the center, not just to the far right. We don't want Ku Klux Klan lovers. We don't want bigots. We want people that will consider all of our concerns," Caesar said.

They hope the next four years, aren't as tough as they believe it will be.

"I think in 4 years, if he is not responsive, then the American people will vote him out," Caesar said.