Anti-war protesters gather, march through Uptown

Dozens of protesters gathered in Uptown Thursday evening to condemn the actions of President Donald Trump and make it known that they don't want to see the U.S. go to war with Iran. 

As tensions rise between the U.S. and Iran, the fear of war is growing in Charlotte. 

“I’m so concerned for our state of affairs these days,” protester Dee Obelenus told FOX 46. 

The protestors gathered at the corner of Trade and Tryon in front of the Bank of America tower. They later began a steady march up Trade Street, making sure their voices were heard throughout Uptown. 

“We saw protests popping up all over the country and knew that Charlotte had to be one of those places,” another protester said. 


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Those who we spoke to said they were trying to spread the message of peace, not war in hopes of protecting themselves and their families. 

“I’m standing up for my family who aren't able to make it,” protester Maya Wells told FOX 46. 

Many believe any further military action with Iran could result in war and the people want to make clear they don't want that.
“Get people to listen, to see what you're talking about,” Ryan Grissom said. “If people don't see that people are out here willing to shout about it, it just goes unheard." 

There's no word yet on whether another protest will happen, but you have to figure that this will likely be a year where we will see more of these protests, at least through the RNC. As one CMPD officer said tonight, expect a long year.