Apartment delays keep UNC Charlotte students stuck in hotel

Some UNC Charlotte students are still living out of hotel rooms, just waiting for their apartments to be ready.

"I think this is like the fourth setback they've had," said UNC-Charlotte student Josh Bryant.

Josh is one of the hundreds of UNC Charlotte students who was supposed to move into his Haven49 apartment unit on University City Blvd. back in August.

"Then they told us it would be done August 15," Bryant said.  "Then they pushed it to the 17th, thinking they'd get it done in two days."

Now, he won't be moving in until October 6.  He, along with many others, were notified last night via email that there's been another setback in construction.

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"We got the second delay yesterday," said Bryant. "And we were supposed to move in Saturday originally."

"We weren't surprised," said Tyler, who's also moving in. "It's been happening so much, and they blamed it on the hurricane."

County records show occupancy holds and failed code inspections are the primary reasons for the delay.

"It's ridiculous," said Tyler.

The latest email sent Tuesday night said the recent weather brought forth more challenges in getting inspections done because workers from the county were sent to the coast.

"I think the most annoying thing is being in a confined space with a roommate and having one desk to do schoolwork on and stuff," said Bryant.  "It is hard to do school work in a hotel room."

"I was lucky enough to get a room to myself," said Tyler.  "Most people have to split a room with a complete stranger if they didn't get their roommate."

Some students have already paid for one month worth of rent, which the apartment complex says will be put toward October.