Apartment fire displaces several families in Shelby

Families are shaken up but say they're grateful after an apartment building caught fire early Sunday morning in Shelby. 

One family tells FOX 46 Charlotte it was their neighbor yelling for everyone to get out that woke them up and got them out of the home safely. 

FOX 46 Charlotte Reporter Jenyne Donaldson: "What was that like for you, getting that call, knowing your kids were home?"

Local mother: [Shakes head, visibly upset.]

FOX 46 Charlotte Reporter Jenyne Donaldson: Terrifying? 

Local mother: [nods head] 

A fire broke out Sunday in a vacant unit at Caitlin Station Apartments along Ivywood Drive. A phone call from a local mother's children sent her flying home in a panic. 

"My baby just screaming, mommy the house is on fire, I'm like 'get out', and I didn't know if they were out or in and it wasn't our house but it's right here and it's connected," she explained. 

Her 10-year-old daughter was awake and heard the neighbors screaming for everyone to get out. The young girl says she looked outside, saw flickering lights, and woke everyone up. 

The extensive damage left four families displaced. 

"They said it's an electrical thing, our nextdoor neighbors house got a hole in it, there's nothing there. Downstairs is water damage, nothing there," the local mother said. 

The two remaining families say they had to leave because the building could collapse at any moment.

"It's not safe, we're not safe here," she said.  

Fortunately, no one was injured. The American Red Cross is assisting the families.