April 30 marked as 'day of remembrance' for students killed in UNCC shooting

April 30 will now be a 'day of remembrance' for the students killed in the shooting at UNC Charlotte. That deadly shooting was one week ago on Tuesday. 

The decision was made at a meeting Tuesday night by the Mecklenburg County Commissioners. 

"It is a day of sorrow, heartbreak, weary and anguish," Kristine Slade, a UNC Charlotte student, said during Tuesday night's meeting. 

All their pain turned into action this week as students demanded government to do something to prevent another mass shooting on campus. 

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"Should a student leave that place, we don't want them to be held to that place and be weighed down by resentment. We want them to be come active and productive members of society," Melissa Martin, a UNC Charlotte student, said. 

Two of their former classmates, Riley Howell and Ellis Reed Parlier, were killed last week when a gunman walked into their classroom and opened fire. Four other students - Drew Pescaro, Emily Houpt, Rami Alramadhan and Sean DeHart - were injured.

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The accused gunman, Trystan Terrell, a former student, has been indicted by a grand jury on murder, attempted murder, and other charges. 

As the court case continues, students again gathered this week on campus. The Andrew Davis Foundation teamed up with several Greek organizations. The students signed a support banner and lit sparklers. They also raised donations for the school relief funds. 

FOX 46 is expected to hear from the school's chancellor on Wednesday morning. He's expected to discuss the shooting and also commencement services which are scheduled for this weekend. At least one of the injured students, Emily Houpt, is expected to take part. 

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