Armed carjacking in South End leaves neighbors shaken

Many people in South End are on high alert after a young woman was carjacked at gunpoint right outside of her home.

While her neighbors are upset it happened they're also not happy that their apartment complex left them in the dark about the incident.

FOX 46 caught several neighbors walking to their building who admitted that it's an opportunity for bad guys to strike. 

In this South End community between South Tryon and West Boulevard sits several apartment homes and offices. The residents of 335 apartments received an email about a carjacking late last night.

"My apartment actually does email us when there is an incident. They don't go into specifics which i think that's understandable," said Kaia Bolland, who lives nearby. 

Bolland was one of several people FOX 46 caught walking home tonight after parking blocks away. She says she's always felt safe in the area.

"It's a really walkable area, which is good. I would just say stay vigilant. Do what you can. There's really only so much precautions you can take," Bolland said. 

On Monday, CMPD sent out the alert saying that the 27-year-old was carjacked when one suspect pulled the woman from the car as the other got into the car. The two suspects took officers on a high speed chase.  

Many people FOX 46 talked to say they had no idea this violence happened until we told them. We asked an attorney if landlords are liable to report nearby crime to residents.

"A landlord has a responsibility to ensure reasonable care to its occupants. That may or may not consist of a notification on something that happened on a one-time occurrence. It would depend on if there is a pattern of criminal activity in the area," attorney Walter Bowers Jr. said. 

Although completely up to landlords, residents say they feel secure knowing what's going on in their community. 

"Awareness is key to preventing those types of crimes and the more people in the neighborhood that know what's going on, the better," neighbor Alvin Chaney said.