Army National Guard soldiers return home from deployment

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It’s something you can’t prepare for, or put into words. It’s a day Megan Crewe has been looking forward to for months. Crewe said, “I’ve never had to do anything like this before.”

Megan Crewe is seeing her boyfriend, Brandon, for the first time in ten months. It’s also the first time Brandon will meet their son Leland, since Leland was born after Brandon was deployed.

North Carolina National Guard Soldiers arrived for their homecoming, after being deployed for several months. The Wasman family was waiting for their son, Cody, who left for his first deployment in February of last year. Michelle Wasman said,  "As a mom, it was heartbreaking for me, it's the first time I've had to go through something like this."

The two families waited in anticipation, for the moment that has kept them going all these months. More than one-hundred soldiers were reunited with their families, after serving in the army in the Middle East.