Army vet keeping bags packed as new kidney is in sight

Army veteran Edmund Baines is keeping his bags packed. Baines is in need of a life-saving kidney and he believes he’s close to getting one.

Baines has received several calls from the hospital telling him to be on standby.

“My bag is ready to go,” said Baines.

He packed a few days’ worth of clothes, a robe, toiletries and medication. He also keeps something special packed from a close friend, Annette Clark.

Clark saw a “Getting Results” story FOX 46 posted about Edmund needing a kidney and she wanted to donate hers. She was a perfect match but later learned she wouldn’t be able to donate.

“I told Annette that when I got out of the hospital I was gonna wear the outfit that they got me and I won’t wear it until then.”

Baines has to be ready at all times because timing is crucial.

“When they call me to tell me that it’s my turn I will have to go up there and it’s an hour and 15-minute ride from here and that’s all but I’ll have 7 hours to get there before the kidney is deemed no good.”

He’s gotten two calls in two weeks from the Transplant Coordinator at Wake Forrest Hospital.

“When I first hear it makes me excited but it makes me scared at the same time because I really want it to happen.”

He said he was discouraged after the first call because the kidney went to someone else on the transplant list. After the second call, he was told the kidney was sent to a different hospital but he remained optimistic.

“The reason I don’t get discouraged is because I know it’s not gonna be long.”

Edmund puts his family on alert after each call from the hospital.

“I call and alert, to let them know it’s a possibility I may be on my way. But, you know I also call and alert you (FOX 46) because you guys need to know. 46 needs to know that you working for me is starting to pay off and I’m really happy that you have stuck with me.”

But he’s also had to call back and let everyone know that it didn’t work out.

“They always say to me hold my head up, hold my head up high and God is gonna make a way.”

The need for kidney donors is very high, with nearly 3,000 people waiting for kidney transplants just in North Carolina.

If you want to Get Results for Edmund you can become a living donor. To find out if you are a match you can call him directly at 980-505-9130.

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