Arrest made after another BB shooting in Caldwell and Burke County

Detectives in Burke and Caldwell counties trying to determine if a man arrested Tuesday morning is responsible for dozens of shootings across the area over the past few weeks.

Plywood now serves as a temporary front door after the window at Frosty Frez was shot out at 3 a.m. Employees say they hit the ground as soon as the glass shattered.

“She was shaken up pretty bad this morning when I got here,” said manager, Anita Clipperd.

And who wouldn’t be? An employee was inside Frosty Frez off Connelly Springs Road when she heard the front door shatter, so she hit the floor.

“She was cooking in her pot and crawled on the floor to call 911,” said Clipperd.

Another witness nearby also called 911, giving the dispatcher a description of a car leaving the scene.

Lenoir Police say they pulled that car over early Tuesday morning and arrested the driver, Joseph Daniel Beard, 29. The car is similar to the one seen in surveillance video from released from the Burke County Sheriff’s Department on Monday.

Burke County has also had a rash of shooting into homes and business over the past few weeks. They believe the suspect in those cases used a BB gun, and employees at Frosty Frez say a BB was recovered from the parking lot Tuesday morning.

“If it had been something more than a BB gun someone could have gotten seriously hurt. You never know. Coming to work at 3 a.m. makes it dangerous for us,” said Clipperd.

Employees say Beard is a frequent customer of the restaurant.