Artist paints mural inside Butler High School following tragic shooting

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Photos: Abstract Dissent 

A North Carolina artist painted a mural inside Butler High School following a tragic shooting that took the life of one student on Monday. The man said he wanted to donate the mural in the hopes it would bring people together.

"This one is for Butler High School," the artist, Abstract Dissent wrote on Facebook. "If you weren't aware they had a deadly shooting at their school Monday. I’m not sure of the details but I think the bottom line is we need to start treating each other a little better. Maybe if we find things we can relate to instead of our differences. Wishful thinking I suppose." 

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The man said he caught wind of the deadly shooting inside the high school and wanted to donate a mural to them in the hopes it can bring the community together. 

"I hope this piece can bring the school kids together tomorrow on their first day back," he wrote.