As NBA All-Star weekend arrives, Queen City thinks 'what if'

This was the weekend the city couldn't wait for

"It's once in a lifetime. It's like the Super Bowl in your own city and that's what wouldve made it so much more special. Just to walk across the street and know greatness was here," said one young NBA fan.  

Instead we're forced to watch from afar with festivities moved to New Orleans.

For restaurants and bars near the spectrum center it means missing out on big business. 

"It wold be wall to wall. It would be packed, line out the door. A pretty high wait time and sales through the roof," said Alex Fernandez, G.M. of Wild Wing Cafe.  

"We were expecting it to be really busy and potentially have part of the venue bought out because of our location next to the arena," said Lauren Shoaf, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Fitzgerald's 

Likely so much money made it's even hard to put a number on it.  

"This weekend could've been record breaking weekend," said Fernandez. 

"As busy as we get before most Hornets games and multiply that by times ten, it's crazy to think about it," said Shoaf. 

As the city tries to let go of the weekend the could've been, there's optimism that in the future another opportunity to host the all star game

"I'm hopeful that we are going to go forward from here -- getting aligned--- politics where they belong and relationship building, economics and business where it's most needed," said NBA fan, Abigail Moats.