As warm weather moves in, snakes come out

More snakes are popping up across the Carolinas as the weather warms up.

"Mating season is now," said Carolina Reptile Rescue and Education Center Director Grover Barfield.  "And they're all out there congregating."

There are 38 snake species in North Carolina, and six of those are venomous.

The Charlotte area itself has about 20 different snake species-- but of those, the only venomous one spotted regularly is the Copperhead.  It has an hour-glass like pattern and is a light tan color.

"In this area, the only one you'll see is the Copperhead that is venomous," said Barfield.  "They have a distinctive hour glass or hershey kiss pattern."

Experts say if you come across snakes, it's best to stop, look and listen.

"No snake should be killed," said Barfield.  "Lots of people get bit trying to kill them.  Just make sure there's nothing nearby-- back away slowly-- and if it's in your yard, you can take a hose and spray it gently with cold water-- and usually it will go away."

There is a Facebook group called "Free Snake Removal Directory" where you can find someone to come remove a snake for free.