Ashbrook High School students host underwear drive for those in need

Gastonia students are going above and beyond to make sure their neighbors have what they need.

“This is one of our first times doing an underwear and sock drive,” said Tori Lambert who is the group commander for the Ashbrook High School Air Force JROTC. They spent time counting and sorting what they have collected so far.

The students spoke to the armory about what the most requested items were and they said underwear. The answer got these students thinking about what it would be like if they didn’t have clean underwear and clean socks to keep their feet warm.

“We are trying to collect as many pairs as we can for families that can’t afford them,” said Neil Laurendine, a flight sergeant with JROTC.

The students posted clever signs around the halls and rallied students and teachers. They are each required to have 12 hours of community service, but Major David Rogers says most of them have many more which he’s proud of. For Rogers, JROTC is about far more than drills.

“One of the things I have taught them is that service isn’t something you do in your spare time. It’s really what you do as rent on life that you live here. It’s good to see them take a hold of that,” Rogers said.

The students collect cans all school year and switch up the focus of their collection efforts. This month, it happens to be underwear.

“It’s going to give them hope and faith in humanity,” said Laurendine.

“Doing these services really gives us a good feeling,” added Lambert.

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