At least a dozen people arrested by ICE agents in Charlotte, community group says

At least a dozen people were arrested by ICE agents Wednesday morning in the streets of Charlotte, according to local community group Comunidad Colectiva. 

The group said these arrests come after a workplace raid in Sanford, NC and threats by ICE to target immigrants following the end of the 287g program in several counties, including Mecklenburg. 

In 2018, voters elected Sheriff Garry McFadden in Mecklenburg County who ended the sheriff's office collaboration with ICE. 

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Comunidad Colectiva is condemning the arrests and said in part, "We call on our elected officials, including Charlotte’s mayor Vi Lyles, Charlotte City Council, the Mecklenburg County Commissioners, and Congresswoman Alma Adams to speak out against the actions of I.C.E. and the damaged it has caused in our community." 

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The raids appear to be related to a worksite action, according to press release from U.S. Rep. Alma Adams' (D-NC) office.

"In the past year, the Trump Administration has conducted an increased number of these raids and that is an issue of deep concern,” said Congresswoman Adams. “I have been in communication with ICE and other Department of Homeland Security officials.  My office is here to help anyone who has been impacted by these raids and rest assured, we will continue to press the Administration for answers.” 

Charlotte city councilmen Braxton Winston also chimed in, tweeting out his disappointment in the morning's arrest.