Attorney General investigating after FOX 46 stories detail pattern of consumer complaints

Attorney General Josh Stein is investigating two people accused of ripping off customers. FOX 46 brought the investigations to the Attorney General, and asked him for an update.

Charley Price is the owner of Advantage Wholesale Transmissions in Salisbury. In August, 2018, FOX 46 showed multiple customers with whom he failed to keep promises.

The Attorney General is investigating him after our stories detailed a pattern of reliable complaints.

“We're in the investigative process with both of those cases,” said Attorney General Stein. “We're engaged with consumers. We've received complaints about both contractors.”

Stein was talking about Price and another man FOX 46 has been investigating, John Jackson.

Jackson’s customers claim he charged them money to fix an appliance he never actually fixed. FOX 46 got results for one customer, George Carroll, in the form of a full refund.

“It was good that you and I were communicating back and forth on this,” Carroll said to FOX 46 Anchor Morgan Frances. “I think it put additional pressure on him because in one of his texts, he said, 'I knew FOX 46 is coming back.’”

Jackson, however, has yet to issue the refunds he promised to the other customers.

“When you go to do business with somebody, and they make promises to you and you pay them money, they have to fulfill their commitments,” Stein said. “If they don't, they're violating our law; we want to know about it so we can hold them accountable.”

It’s the “when?” question that can make the customers, and reporter, stir crazy.

When asked what role FOX 46 plays into such investigations, Stein replied, “very important role because one, a lot of people know to call you when they have a complaint. They don't necessarily know to call me.”

To file a complaint with the Attorney General, click here.