Authorities address Islamville concerns in York County

Authorities in York County say they’re noticing a trend. After a terror attack happens, like the recent shooting in San Bernardino California, a small rural community suddenly gets in the spotlight.

Holy Islamville is a gated village tucked away in the western part of York County with Muslim families calling it home. We’ve learned the small community has been there for more than three decades.

After many calls and concerns, the York County sheriff’s office paid a visit to the village to make sure both neighbors and people who live in Islamville feel safe.

One of the speculations the sheriff’s office shared with us is, some people thought Islamville was a terrorist training camp.

Authorities found no evidence of that claim.

The York County sheriff's office says people should not have any concerns.

“The people out of Islamville are very peaceful people,” Trent Faris with the York County Sheriff’s Office said.

We reached out to residents of Islamville. A man by the name of Ramadan Shakir says there’s misconceptions that are not true. He went on to say Islamville residents are well-integrated in the community.

"We're law abiding American citizens who are living a normal life like anyone else,” he said.

The sheriff’s office tells us people claim hearing gunshots coming from Islamville. They say that's most likely because western York is a hunting region.

The sheriff's office hopes to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-muslims in York. They’ve been pushing for a more inclusive environment over the years.

Islamville has been around since 1983. Authorities say there are three families living there currently.