Authorities Identify Officers and Suspects in Officer-Involved Shooting

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Officers have now identified the man involved in an officer-involved shooting in Dallas, NC Tuesday afternoon. Ronnie Dubose Carr, 51, died in the incident. A preliminary report says Carr died from multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators don't believe Carr is from Dallas. He may be from Charlotte, but are not sure.

The incident shut down U.S. 321 northbound near Dallas, NC for most of the day and night.

The Dallas Police Department got a call from Ingles on West Trade Street around noon Tuesday about two suspects attempting to pass fraudulent checks, which is a felony, according to police.

Police say while Dallas Police Detective Mike Lynch was inside the store arresting two people on felonious check fraud charges Dallas Police Captain Robert Scott was outside and noticed a suspicious man leaving the parking lot in a vehicle at the same time. The officers reported that the vehicle was recognized from a pervious call involving fraudulent checks in the same area.

Captain Scott tried to stop the man in the car but the suspect, Carr, didn't stop, according to officers. During a brief pursuit where Dallas Police Sergeant Paul Albergine and Officer Matt Scott assisted Captain Scott, Carr wrecked at Hardin Road and Hwy 321. 

Police say Captain Scott, Sergeant Albergine and Officer Scott approached the vehicle. Carr drove into Officer Scott's patrol car and began driving forward where Sergeant Albergine was standing. Sergeant Albergine discharged his firearm at Carr as he drove the vehicle towards him, according to police. Carr began driving northbound again from the Hardin Road exit back onto Hwy. 321. Carr wrecked a second time one mile north of Hardin Road.

Officers say when they approached Carr's vehicle they found him unresponsive. Officers removed Carr form the vehicle and he was pronounced dead on the scene, according to police.

The two men charged are Odell Dewayne Lloyd Jr. and Eric Darnell White. The S.B.I. says Carr was their getaway driver but that the two men did not know him well. In fact, one of the men arrested is said to be homeless and they first met the deceased suspect today when he drove up to them and asked if they wanted to make quick cash.

The vehicle does not belong to the deceased driver inside of it. A gun was found inside of the vehicle but it is registered to the vehicle owner.

The vehicle has not been reported stolen and its unclear at this time as to what type of relationship, if any, the owner has with the deceased suspect.

The three officers involved in the chase have been put on administrative leave. The NC State Bureau of Investigation is now handling the investigation.

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