Authorities investigate after 2 newborns, mom test positive for drugs

Shannon Flaherty tested positve for amphetamines along with her two newborn children. 

Rock Hill police are investigating after hospital staff say two infants were born with drugs in their systems. 

A member of the York County Department of Social Services was alerted to the condition of the infants born on April 5 at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.

Both children had to be put into the NICU to be treated for exposure to illegal narcotics, and displayed signs of narcotics withdrawl. They had to be put on morphine to combat the effects of neonatal absinence syndrome (NAS), which include tremors, irritablity, sleep problems, high pitched crying and more. 

The babies' mother, Shannon Flaherty, tested positive for amphetamines. The investigation into this case remains active while DSS and Rock Hill police obtain medical records.