Autopsy report of UNC Charlotte shooting victims released

19-year-old Ellis Parlier (left) 21-year-old Riley Howell (right). Both were students at UNC Charlotte and tragically died in a shooting that broke out on campus Tuesday evening. 

An autopsy shows that a student credited with tackling a gunman during a fatal North Carolina campus rampage suffered eight gunshot wounds, and another slain student was shot six times.

The autopsy released Tuesday by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner says Riley Howell had four wounds to the head or neck, two to the chest and one on each arm during the April shooting at UNC-Charlotte. The other slain student, Ellis Reed Parlier, had six gunshot wounds.

Police have said 21-year-old Howell saved lives by charging the gunman and bringing him to the ground. Trystan Andrew Terrell is charged with murder in the deaths of Howell and Parlier. Four other students survived wounds.

The motive for the shooting hasn't been made clear.