Baby Rescued from SWAT Situation in Charlotte

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An armed robbery led to a heavy police presence and SWAT team situation at an apartment complex in east Charlotte Monday.

Omar Galvan and Blake Lubbers were taken into custody after the SWAT team was called into the Stanford Reserve Apartment Complex on Hollyfield Drive. At one point, police rescued a four month old baby from an apartment that had one of the armed robbery suspects inside.

Galvan and Lubbers were charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with dangerous weapon. Galvan was also charged with possession of stolen firearm.

Police brought in several armored vehicles after police K9 dogs tracked the two armed robbery suspects to the apartment complex. Police believe Galvan and Lubbers ran to a friend's apartment after the armed robbery. One suspect was arrested outside. The other was arrested inside the friend's house. That friend, who was inside with his girlfriend and their baby, helped police.

The armed robbery call came from Sam's Mart gas station on Albemarle Road, according to police. The clerk told police that two people came into the store with guns demanding property, then ran away. 

This is an ongoing investigation.