Bailey Middle School teacher gets results for students

A world of history lines the walls of mister Michael Richards’ 7th grade social studies classroom at Bailey Middle School. 

"He has the heart and passion and brings history to life,” said Assistant Principal Norma Jean Fitzpatrick

This week, he's making history himself, forever being remembered as a teacher getting results for his students. 

“He is constantly learning new things and sharing it w others and is a phenomenal teacher,” said Fitzpatrick. 

To recognize his hard work, we mapped out the perfect surprise.

“Yes [I’m] completely surprised. Thanks well congrats can't do it without the kids I guess right
definitely caught off guard it's awesome it's a wonderful accomplishment,” Richards said. 

Mr. Richards has taught at bailey middle for five years now and continuously enhances academic growth.

“I actually truly do enjoy what I teach and I think it comes across to the kids as well because a lot of them are receptive to the way I am with teaching,” he said. 

He starts his days early and ends them late.

“He's an instructional leader and offers professional development to our teachers,” said Fitzpatrick. 

Most importantly, he makes an impact in the lives of his students every day.  

“Mr. Richards is a really good teacher. I’ve learned a lot in his class and I get good grades because he's taught me well,” said student Ryan Burdick.  

“He's really funny. Sometimes he will make everything interesting and fun,” another student said.