Bain Elementary teacher recognized after raising thousands through recycling program

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FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers who are getting results. This week, we were at Bain Elementary surprising Mrs. Carrie Vizzini. 

She's taught art at Bain Elementary for 18 years, exposing hundreds of young minds each year to the fine arts. 

Mrs. Vizzini also helped raise thousands of dollars for the school, through a recycling program called Terracycle. 

"Thank you very much, thank you. I don't know how I'm supposed to teach after this, but that's okay," Mrs. Vizzini said. 

That was Mrs. Vizzini's reaction after being honored as a Teacher Getting Results - how she could get back to teaching her second grade art class. 

"That's why she's getting special recognition because she does amazing work with you all every week, right? 'Yes!'," Tracey Hayes said to the class. 

"Mrs. Vizzini is a very creative teacher and she's very nice and she's very creative," Alexa Kelly said, a student.

"I just love hearing what they have to say, their view of the world. And art is such a wonderful venue to give them the chance to express themselves, to hear their voice," Mrs. Vizzini said.

Mrs. Vizzini teaches seemingly small lessons that can be used beyond a sketchpad. 

"I've learned whenever you draw a picture and you mess up, you can make it into something else," Harrison Pickard said, a student.

Mrs. Vizzini isn't solely an art educator. She's an environmental steward for the school.

"The amount of trash that we produce in the cafeteria on a daily basis really bothered me," she said.

Since 2009, she's helped raise nearly $10,000 for Bain Elementary through the Terracycle Program. It reuses items, like juice pouches, that couldn't normally be recycled. 

"I've had kids tell me that they've taught their parents at home. They recycle at home, they save their terracycle things at home and bring them into school," Mrs. Vizzini said.

Taking action to teach young minds about the environment and finding their inner artist. This makes Mrs. Vizzini a Teacher Getting Results!

"I honestly can't imagine doing anything else. I just feel like it was what I was meant to do, and I honestly can't imagine having a different career. I love the children so much. I love art so much," Mrs. Vizzini said.

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