'Barefoot Bandit': Shoeless woman snooping around west Charlotte homes, neighbors say

Neighbors have dubbed her the ‘Barefoot Bandit’: A woman who’s going around a west Charlotte neighborhood stealing items-- with no shoes on.

"She's barefoot and running around here stealing things-- so ‘Barefoot Bandit’ it is,” neighbor Alex Thomas says.

Some say the shoeless snoop as stolen packages and other things from their lawn. One of the neighbors caught her on camera and now, neighbors want her off their street and out of their yards.

"I just kind of went through it and saw the person walk up the drive way and noticed she did have any shoes on and was like ‘oh my gosh what's going on’" Thomas told FOX 46. 

He says his Tuesday morning started off on the wrong foot. While renovating his home on Queen Anne Road, his Ring camera recorded the thief.

"She didn't really take anything, but obviously she was searching for stuff,” he said.

Donna Canup says she believes she knows the barefoot bandit and is aware of other thefts. 

"We don't want them in the neighborhood. We don't need people like that in the neighborhood,” Canup says. 

It's the reason she won’t have packages delivered to her doorstep. 

"I personally don't do packages," she says. 

Back on site at the scene of the snoop, nails and glass cover the driveway.

"It's pretty dangerous," Thomas said. 

She may have left a footprint behind, but either way Thomas wants neighbors to be on the lookout for the bandit.

"I just didn't want her to run freely throughout the neighborhood causing a ruckus," he said.  

One neighbor told FOX 46 he believes police caught her this afternoon. That's not something CMPD would confirm, but it's a reminder to be on the lookout and protect your property.