Bartender injured by unruly customers at uptown restaurant

A man and a woman were caught on camera throwing food and drinks, and injuring a bartender at a restaurant in uptown. 

The pair reportedly walked into Pinky's Westside Grill on Morehead Street Friday night. A cup was thrown at the bartender's the face causing a serious cut to his cheek that later required stitches.

Pinky’s employees tell FOX 46 the two ordered drinks while waiting for their takeout orders. After paying, workers said they wrote an inappropriate message on the tip line and started demanding a refund.

Surveillance video shows the pair throwing the food and drinks they ordered. 

The man, who has not been identified, struck the bartender directly in the face with a cup. Officers plan to charge him with assault when they identify who he is. 

Officers have identified the female as Latifah Long. She has been charged with disorderly conduct and will have to go to court. Officers said she claims to not know the other suspect.

Workers at Pinky’s don't believe that. They say the two were riding in the same car, sitting at the bar together and were on the same bill. Officers are working to make sure both are charged.

In the aftermath of the incident, surveillance video shows both workers and customers, stepping up to get the unruly patrons out.