BBB launches new scam tracker

Protecting yourself and your finances during the holidays can be tough.

Often times along with the holiday cheer, comes new scams you need to watch out for.

Thanks to the Better Business Bureau, there’s a new website where you can report and track scams in your area.

It’s called scam tracker ( meant to help people from suspicious activity.

Just recently the Rowan County Sheriff was targeted with a fake check in the mail.

“When I opened it, I knew it was a scam,” he said.

Sheriff Kevin Auten  wants people to be on the lookout so they don’t fall for the tricks.

People are being directed to the interactive database to prevent scams.

The interactive map shows where they’re happening and what kind of scam it is.

“The beauty of that is, it can be instantly shared with anybody and everybody about what’s going on and also steps they can take to protect themselves,”  Tom Bartholomy with the BBB said.

The BBB says once you click on the report a scam link, you help people and law enforcement get one step closer to tracking down the scammers.

Sheriff Auten hopes by sharing his story, someone else doesn’t become a victim.

The BBB also wants people to be on the look out for emails from companies like UPS and FEDEX during the holiday season. Scam e-mails have been reported notifying people that their delivery has been delayed. Check with the BBB to see if it’s a scam.