'Be a Good Fan': New event policy implemented at Iredell-Statesville schools

17 Iredell-Statesville middle and high schools have launched a new fan code initiative for sporting events. 

“Yeah we have no problem with asking them to leave. They don't need to be there it's not the atmosphere that we want anyone to be a part of,” Assistant Principal Eric Babbitt said. 

The ‘Be a Good Fan campaign was introduced on Wednesday. The superintendent's committee was made up of two student athletes at each high school in the area and the goal is to promote positive sportsmanship both on the field and in the stands. 

“Be a good sport. It's pretty much as simple as that. You are cheering for your team and not against the other team and directing comments to another team that are negative and aren't supportive. There’s really just no place for that," said Nina Christensen.

Christensen is a senior lacrosse player at Lake Norman High School and on the superintendent's committee. She says negative fans can definitely change the environment of a game or match.

“You get torn down as a student even when you hear parents use negative remarks about you and how you're playing, and it's easy to beat yourself up if they call out something you did. I think it's really neat we're doing this,” Christensen said. “It’s really about getting the fans on to cheer on our team instead of bringing down the other team,” 

With Lake Norman and other schools rolling this new fan code of conduct out immediately, student athletes like Christensen are excited the district wants the best playing atmosphere possible. 

“It's a really big step for our school and any school that does something like this because it shows the character of the school that they want to make sure their athletes and fans are respected and that's a positive environment instead of a negative one.”