Bed bugs found at Justice Center in York County

About a dozen workers at the Moss Justice Center in York County have been affected by an outbreak of bed bugs, but there is no risk to the public, according to county officials. 

“We have no way of knowing where they came from or how they got here,” said Angie Smarr, Chief Deputy Public Defender for York County.

You won't see any pictures of the bed bugs at the Justice Center in York County. 

“We just know we need to take care of them and get them out of here,” Smarr said. 

The worker who spotted a bed bug in a chair probably didn't even think of taking photos of the pests. 

Officials immediately moved some workers out of the public defender’s office and the solicitor's office and brought in an exterminator who used dogs to sniff for the bed bugs,

“From what I understand it was Labs and a Jack Russell mix. They come in they can detect, they can smell the bed bugs."

They found bed bugs in roughly 10 work spaces affecting about a dozen employees, but the pests were not in any public spaces, according to officials. 

“It's a little disruptive, because we are in court in fact we are in court this week and so we've had to make arrangements to make sure that we are in court and representing our clients," said Harry Dest, the Circuit Public Defender for the 16th Circuit.

Courtrooms were not impacted, but the attorneys have had to work out of other spaces while their area is closed off for treatment. 

“It's a little bit frustrating. There's a lot that goes on here, and for bed bugs to be a topic of conversation is not something we're excited about at all,” said Smarr.

We wondered— is it typical to find beg bugs in the work place?

An exterminator tells FOX 46 it's not that uncommon, simply because they can travel around by hitching a ride on the fabric of a purse or a bag. 

The affected area at the Justice Center will be treated Tuesday night, and then they'll bring those dogs back in two days just to make sure they don't sniff out any more bed bugs.