Bed bugs, maggots, no paychecks at Gastonia group home

A FOX 46 Charlotte viewer said she and fellow co-workers haven't been paid in nearly five weeks from their Gastonia employer.

"Their reason is they do not have any funds," the employee, who wished to hide her identity, said on Friday afternoon. "That's all they're telling us."

She works at Children's Advocacy Network which runs a group home for children with mental and developmental disabilities.

The group home is at an undisclosed location.

The employee added, bed bugs and maggots have been found in the group home. She provided FOX 46 Charlotte with a photo of what appears to be a bed bug.

"They say they do not have the money for an exterminator to come out and treat the home along with the maggots that was in the ceiling a few weeks ago," she said. "That's very disgusting, they [were] falling from the ceiling."

FOX 46 Charlotte obtained a letter from Children's Advocacy Network to employees that read, in part, "we are paying out more than we are taking in, and that is crippling us."

It went on to say that they are "unable to issue paychecks."

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to Children's Advocacy Network for comment but did not hear back.