Belmont gas station passes inspection, tests show no water in fuel

A gas station in Belmont that several customers accused of selling bad gas has passed an inspection. Test results released by the North Carolina Motor Fuels Lab also show nothing wrong with the gas being sold.

State officials tell FOX 46 Charlotte three customers called the motor fuels lab to report water in their gas tank after visiting C-MART on South Point Road.

Inspectors this week found all pumps were up to code and the gas station was in compliance. Test results from the gas samples was also released to FOX 46 Charlotte and it showed no harmful levels of water was in the storage tanks underground.

“We do not see any evidence of water or phase separation in the sample that the inspector drew from the pumps or from the sample that was collected off the bottom of the regular unleaded underground storage tank,” said Marcus Helfrich from the North Carolina Motor Fuels Lab.

The inspectors report says the last fuel delivery was made on March 1 and no maintenance work has been done on the pumps since that delivery.

The state motor fuels lab says the case is now closed and the gas station is in compliance.