Belmont rapper with big dreams

A local Belmont rapper hopes his music will get him on the radio and his hometown on the map.

It's like a puzzle, from the moment he picks up the pen and paper, to finding the right beat. Everything has to feel right.

Matrix P says creating music is a process that's had him hooked for the past 10 years.

Behind the stage name Matrix P is Jonathan Graham, a small town boy from Belmont. He started creating t-shirts after he gained a huge fan base in his hometown.

"It's overwhelming sometimes to think how much support I have in Belmont," he said.

He says people are usually shocked when they see him representing Belmont in his music. Matrix P says there is a hip-hop scene in town  that needs to be brought into the spotlight and that's what he plans to do.

Matrix P uses  music as a creative art form and as therapy.

"The mic, it doesn't judge you. When you're telling people about your problems, they're going to give you some kind of reaction. Sometimes you don't need a reaction, you just need them to listen," Matrix P said.

He recently released a mix tape online called "Kuntry Woodstock." Matrix P describes the sound as 'kuntry hippy rap,' a genre with live instrumentals and a west coast vibe.

Matrix P says he'll keep experimenting to see if one of his songs can gain the attention of radio stations. He believes it's only a matter of time.