Bessemer City Police search for robbery suspects caught on camera

A real life Grinch struck in Gaston County Christmas morning. Bessemer City Police say at least 3 suspects broke in to 2 restaurants just blocks from each other on Gastonia Highway.

One of the restaurants targeted was McDonald's Family Restaurant. A neighboring business with a security camera caught the moments Christmas morning when a car pulled up, suspects jumped out, smashed a window and stole both of the restaurants cash registers.

Owner Bobby McDonald tells FOX 46 Charlotte he was flabbergasted when he got the call from police.

"I hate that they feel like they have to do that, but it's just easier to sit around and do nothing, then slip out at night and take somebody else's stuff," said McDonald.

The suspects may have been better off grabbing some food. Both registers they grabbed were only filled with loose change. They most likely left their crime spree disappointed. 

"I would imagine so. When they got the registers open it's probably going to be, there is nothing in them. We did that for nothing," said McDonald.

Still, the trio may have made off with some cash. Just a few blocks down Gastonia Highway, the Golden China restaurant was also broken into. The front door was smashed and again the cash register snatched.

A joyous Christmas Day, turned disappointing for both restaurant owners.

"You spend a long time building your business up and working to keep a place up and running and then somebody decides to take what you got," said McDonald.

Bessemer City and Gastonia Police are working together to see if these two Christmas morning burglaries are connected to four Christmas morning burglaries at restaurants in Gastonia. 

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspects is asked to contact the Bessemer City Police Department at 704-629-2235 or call CrimeStoppers at 704-861-8000.