Bessemer City running out of water

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Even with rain popping up around Charlotte, we're still in a severe drought. Some towns have to resort to dramatic measures just to keep going. Bessemer City in particular is taking it harder than others.

We visited the town’s two reservoirs and were able to actually stand in the middle of one of one of them. The ground is cracked and dry as a bone. The reservoir is supposed to have 50 million gallons of water for Bessemer City residents and businesses.

"If you look from the distance, you can see the line where the water is normally at and where it's at now," said Josh Ross, spokesperson for Bessemer City.

Even the city's second reservoir is running low with only a 30 day supply left.

"We're purchasing water. We've purchased about 11 million gallons of water over the past couple of weeks from the City of Kings Mountain to keep up with demand," said Ross.

But it's not cheap. The price to keep water flowing so far is $50-60 thousand dollars and counting.

"The biggest thing financially for us is that it's more expensive to purchase water than to process our own. We have to dip into some reserve funds to pay for this,” said Ross.

But don't worry. Your water bill won't change. What could take a hit are a couple of big city projects like delaying updates to the water plant and stalling construction on a much needed public works facility.

While we wait for millions of gallons of rain to fill the reservoir, there is something you can do.

"We ask citizens to limit the amount of water they use in the house, also to limit watering grass and plants," said Ross.

The city says the reason why their reservoir is running dry and others around them are ok, is because their source of water is much smaller coming from the creek instead of the lake or river.

We're told a couple of industries in Bessemer City - FMC Lithium and Dole - are the biggest consumers of water. City officials say the companies use up to 500 thousand gallons of water a day.