Beware of porch pirates as you order ahead of holidays

Deal after deal, click after click, website after website: Cyber Monday is a shopper's dream for the holiday season.

Buying is the easy part, but getting what you ordered can be another story. According to the 2019 Package Theft Statics Report, a third of people have had a package stolen within a year, and 31 percent of people have had a package stolen during last holiday season. 

LeAnna Smith has a home in Concord. She says she’s fortunate she’s never been a victim of stolen packages but has used other methods of delivery to make sure she gets what she orders.

“I have actually used both the lockers and Saturday delivery in the last six months,” said Smith.

With the uptick of packages being delivered through this holiday season, both the BBB and CMPD want to make sure you're doing your part to prevent porch pirates from grabbing your goods.

“If they say the package is going to be delivered at 2 p.m. on Thursday, be there or have someone in the neighborhood be there,” said Tim Bartholomy with the BBB.

“If you're not available have someone else retrieve the package. If you live in an apartment complex leave it with the leasing office. There are many ways to combat this issue, just go out of your way to do that, said Officer Jeffrey Page with CMPD.