Bicyclist recovering after hit-and-run in south Charlotte

A Charlotte teenager is shaken up but physically okay after a close call with a car in south Charlotte. 

It's a Wednesday afternoon the 18-year-old said he won't soon forget. 

"I didn't see him coming. If I had seen him coming, I would have gotten out of the way," Richard Umberger said. 

Umberger said he was wrapping up an afternoon bike ride when he was hit by the car. It's a collision that sent Umberger crashing to the ground. His father, Charles, said he's thankful this Thursday his son's injuries weren't serious. 

"'Are you hurt or how badly are you hurt?' In this case we were fortunate; he took a spill, his leg absorbed most of the energy and his phone was broken. We were lucky nothing more serious happened," Charles Umberger said. 

According to the teen, he was turning into his neighborhood when the driver ran a stop sign while making a left-hand turn. The driver never stopped. 

"Basically bumped or brushed him. It was not a full on hit, but it was enough to send him and the bike to the ground and as he looked up, he saw the driver accelerated to leave the scene," Charles Umberger said. 

According to Umberger it's not surprising the two had a run-in. He said cars and cyclists have had issues in south Charlotte before. He hopes drivers will see this as a learning experience, and a reminder for them tp pay more attention at all times. 

"Drivers today are distracted by music, other people in the car, phones and other electronic devices and they are not paying attention to the road, to their surroundings. You see a lot of near misses and near hits."