Bicyclist rescues stray dog hit by car

Photos courtesty of Chris Dixon, Andrea Shaw, Andventures of Columbo 

A stray dog that was struck by a vehicle now has a 'fur'ever home, thanks to a passing bicyclist with a heart of gold. 

Jarrett Little was biking near the Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center when he came across a 5-month-old Great Dane mixed puppy. The dog ran up to him hungry and thirsty. 

Little told FOX Carolina he could tell the dog had been hit by a car and needed surgery. He gave the pup water and an entire pack of energy chews.

Little ended up traveling into town, hoping to find help. He eventually came across a woman, named Andrea Shaw, who offered to take in the injured pup. 

The story of the dog, who has been affectionately named "Columbo," has been shared on social media:

Shaw was only in Columbus, Georgia for a business trip and she returned home to Maine last week after "Columbo" visited the vet for surgery, according to the Adventures of Columbo page. Shaw says she named the dog "Columbo" because he came into her life in Columbus. 

The pup was safely transported with the help of Grateful Doggies

"Columbo" is now enjoying his new home in Maine with his big brother "Luquillo," a 13-year-old German Warmblood horse. 

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