Big Win for Neighbors Battling New Development Could be Short-Lived

We've seen it happen across many Charlotte neighborhoods. Old communities battle new development coming in. This time, it looks like the residents have won by shutting down plans for major re-development.

The land they're fighting over is in the Cherry neighborhood. It’s a big parking lot right across the street from the Metropolitan.

Monday night city council said "no" to plans to redevelop it, but we’re told that decision could change as early as next week.

The street corner at South Kings Drive and Baxter Street is the doorstep to the Cherry community and what you put there matters, says Patsy Kinsey - city councilwoman who represents district one.

"I'm one of those crazy neighborhood supporters. I grew up in charlotte on Central Avenue at the railroad tracks. Neighborhoods are very important to this city and we have to protect them," said Kinsey.

Kamela Friday, who lives in Cherry, agrees.

"People have been here almost their whole lives."

The developer planned to build a hotel, apartments, and retail space here, but Kinsey says it didn't quite fit in.

"It's a very good development, but I had problems with the height and the fact that they hadn't met the conditions of the Metropolitan, Morehead, Cherry area plan," said Kinsey.

Monday night, city council said "no" to rezone the area, so the development could proceed. But that red light didn't last long. The project is already back on the agenda.

"I guess the possible outcome would be that the decision would be changed," said Kinsey.

Changing that decision to a "yes" for developers would be a good change according to Kamela Friday.

"If you want to upgrade Cherry, why wouldn't you want to bring in job opportunities for people," said Friday.

We’re told city council will take another look at whether or not to approve development plans for the site during their next meeting on Monday.

We reached out to the developer several times for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.