Bill introduced in NC House to battle mold in apartments

North Carolina lawmakers have introduced legislation that would give local governments the power to better deal with health hazards-- specifically mold-- in rental properties.

House Bill 1012 authorizes local leaders to declare a dwelling unsafe if there is "harmful fungal growth." 

The bill, introduced by Rep. Chaz Beasley (D-NC 92) and Rep. Mary Belk (D-NC 88) would give the Department of Health and Human Services authority to establish state-wide parameters and guidelines for fungal growth exposure that could result in medical ailments. It would also allow local governments to use some tax dollars for testing.

"It's about keeping families safe and making sure that people with respiratory issues and kids are not living in difficult situations where they can't even breathe the air in their apartments," Beasley said.

The bill would also require tenants to notify their respective landlords of the presence of fungal growth.


The proposal is a direct result of a series of FOX 46 investigations into uninhabitable conditions at Lake Arbor Apartments and other rental properties across the region.

"This is a prime example of what happens when people speak up and when people like you (David Sentendrey) advocate for people and give them the space to tell their stories," Beasley said. "Because I know what it's like to grow up in a home with mold. I know what it's like to not necessarily know the dangers of growing up in a home with mold -- but I also know that, many times, we as legislators, get our best inspiration from other people's stories in addition to our own."