Bill would make it illegal for minors to tan in South Carolina

Some people could soon be banned from getting their summertime glow.

“We don't allow children make adult decisions and we should allow them to make this one either," said South Carolina State Sen. Brad Hutto (D).

Tanning beds may be an easy way to keep your skin glow all year round, but a new bill in the Palmetto State could make it illegal for minors.

"Children are not adults, they aren't capable of making their own decisions that might last them for a lifetime," said Hutto. "It's obviously clear according to the American Cancer Society and dermatologists that have spoken in favor of this bill that it is very much a public health issue."

The CDC, FDA, and American Cancer Society have all spoken out against indoor tanning. The UV rays could cause skin cancer - including melanoma - the deadliest kind of skin cancer according to the CDC.
“Children shouldn't be exposed to that."

Melanoma is the second most common cancer for women in their 20's according to the American Cancer Society. In 2013, more than 70,000 people got melanoma in the US. 9,000 died from it, according to the CDC.

"We don't allow people under 18 to sign a contract, borrow money, smoke, do a lot of things. To let them do something that's detrimental to their health. It's not unusual that we regulate children in that manner to protect them."

As the law stands now, minors need permission from their parents to use indoor tanning equipment. Senator Hutto says that's not enough.

"You telling me that if a father told his daughter she could smoke cigarettes that it makes it ok? Absolutely not. If you tell me if a mother says you don't need to put your seat belt on that'd be ok? No way."

The proposed bill has been referred to committee. The FDA already says you shouldn't use tanning beds if you're under 18.