Bishop, McCready set the stage on eve of NC09 election

After more than a year, the question of will be representing North Carolina’s ninth district could come to an end tomorrow night. We are now in the final hours of the campaign for NC09’s House seat. 

Political experts say if the Democrats win, it will be a sweep of a district that has been republican for decades and a black eye for the GOP. If Republicans win, it could set the course for 2020, which is why today could be a deciding factor.

On Monday, Republican Dan Bishop brought in the big hitters: President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

“Republicans do better getting the vote out on Election Day. Democrats are better at the early vote,” said UNC Charlotte’s Eric Heberlig.

President Trump and Democrat Dan McCready get into twitter war on eve of election

President Donald Trump and Democrat Dan McCready got into a little Twitter war Monday morning on the eve of NC's House Special Election. 

Tens of thousands of people across District Nine have already taken advantage of early voting. Many watching the campaign, say it's likely going to be a close one.

“I think we're going to see a one or two-point difference. I think it's going to be a big blowout if we get a five points difference,” said J. Michael Bitzer, a professor at Catawba College. 

A look at who is voting as of late last week from the Union County Board of Elections shows more registered Democrats have voted than registered Republicans, with unaffiliated voters also making up a sizable chunk.


However, it’s important to note that the data only shows who has voted, not necessarily who they are voting for.

For the candidates, this has been a tough fight. From the ads, to the money being put in, it's been hard to ignore. 

FOX 46 had the chance to sit down with Bishop and McCready. We spoke with them about a variety of issues, one of which was gun control in light of mass shootings and Charlotte's rash of homicides this year.

Gun control is a hot button issue in the district that both candidates have used to lure voters. McCready wants more oversight. 

“What I'm calling for is what 90 percent of Americans support, the NRA supports, what people on both sides of the aisle support and that's comprehensive background checks,” McCready said. 

However, Bishop wasn't so sure.

“Those who want to eliminate second amendment rights need to answer how they think, if they did something like that, how it would fix a problem caused by something else,” he said. 

Another hot topic has been the economy, which Bishop says is doing just fine.

What the president has done is pursue common-sense change-- tax policy, primarily-- and to drive higher economic growth,” he said. 

But McCready says things need to change.

“We need more business people in Congress. We just have a bunch of lawyers and career politicians up there.  We don’t have a lot of people that have built a company, as I have,” said McCready. 

Bishop and McCready are using these elements to in their appeal to voters.

“Dan McCready is running on his history and his being an entrepreneur, trying to separate himself from the national Democratic party.  Dan bishop is running as an ally of Donald Trump,” Heberlig said. 

The ground game is important for both candidates right now, which is part of the reason the president and vice president are stumping for Bishop in NC today. 

McCready has been doing his own stumping, and while they've been going about it different ways, the political experts agree that this race will likely be a close one.