Bitter cold temperatures move into Charlotte area

It was a bright, clear and bitter cold Monday in the Queen City, and wind gusts only made it chillier.

Once the sun goes down, temperatures will continue to drop to dangerous levels, FOX 46 meteorologists say, and some area shelters are taking action to make sure the homeless stay safe.

Freedom Park was looking more frozen than normal, and those who ventured out into the cold were bundling up. 

"I prefer the cold weather because you can't go to the park naked, but you can go to the park in a big North Face Jacket," one Charlotte neighbor told FOX 46.

Temperatures were hovering near freezing, but it didn't stop one dancer from being barefoot.

LINK: Coldest air of the season settles in metro Charlotte

"Whenever I am moving and stuff I just block it out and my brain is all in tuned with the music and the way that I dance," Megan Cartier said. 

For others they have no choice, but to be barefoot. Leaders at the Men's Shelter of Charlotte say they normally have about 400 beds available for the homeless, but right now, they are in emergency overflow mode, and have additional space for 100 more people.

Charlotte natives who braved the cold say they can't imagine going out without the proper protection.

"I am definitely warm right now while I am moving, but I am triple layered. I have a hat, vest and gloves,” said Lisa Bryant. 

A Mecklenburg County official tells FOX 46 there are some volunteers in the community who plan to go out and check on some of the homeless in the area this evening.