Black History in Your Backyard: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church grows from small congregation serving maids and butlers to sprawling community staple

FOX 46 charlotte brings you black history in your backyard.

For the past 50 years, Pastor J.A. Cuthbertson has called the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church home.

"Well, it's amazing because you get to have a good memory. Matter of fact you can't hardly visualize what it used to look like compared to what it looks like right now," Pastor Cuthbertson said. 

The original church was built back in the mid-1800s. It was a church predominantly for African-American maids and butlers. 

They had service mostly at night, at 6 in the evening. The maids had to work in the morning, therefore they would have to come to work in the evening." 

The church lies in the heart of the cherry neighborhood, one of the oldest and historic African American neighborhoods in the charlotte area.


"Maybe two percent of my members still live in this community, it just changed seeing the houses now for three, four and five hundred thousand dollars," Pastor Cuthbertson said. 

It's now a sprawling church in the middle of a residential community, one that has transformed and changed with the growing and changing community around it. 

"At the time...this whole community was living from the government. To really make this whole community we really tend to the community," he said. 

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, a place of faith in your backyard.

"And I often think about how folks have been brought up from the small houses we lived into the houses we live in now," Pastor Cuthbertson said.