Blasting to start for I-77 toll lane tunnel

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Construction on a tunnel for the I-77 toll lane project is about to begin and it could make traffic worse.

If you're traveling Saturday or Sunday morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. you'll want to know about blasting that's going to be happening in the area of I-77 northbound just north of the I-77/I-85 interchange.

This is all to build a 400 foot tunnel in the area which will be part of the I-77 toll lanes and carry traffic under the existing lanes.
During that time you can expect traffic to slow down. Also ramps leading to this portion of I-77 will be temporarily closed. You can use I-85 northbound and southbound to get around.

New temporary traffic lanes will be built near the I-77/I-85 interchange to allow for future construction on the tunnel.