Boat Ramps Reopen on Lake Wylie

Friday’s warm sunny weather made for a perfect day to get out on the lake. For those who live near Lake Wylie, it’s the first time in months they were able to put in their boats at Copperhead Island boat access. We’re told the ramp just reopened Friday morning.

As you can imagine, the access was hopping all day. Folks put in smaller vessels like kayaks as well as larger ones like motorboats. We spoke with one couple who say this is the first time they were able to use their boat on Lake Wylie in nearly two months.

“It’s been since late August since we’ve been able to get out. We were excited to get out today. We couldn’t have ordered a better day. It’s absolutely beautiful out,” said Karen Garris as she helped her husband load up their motorboat onto their trailer.

For months, we’re told all public access ramps on Lake Wylie in North Carolina were closed. That cut Karen Garris and her family’s vacation short.

“We spend our weekends out here almost every weekend in the summer with the kids. That’s what we do rather than travel. We’ve got our own little paradise here,” said Garris.

Even from the shoreline, water levels made a difference.

“As far as fishing, we had to fish real far out. We couldn’t fish near the banks. After the rain and heavy downpour, you can see the water levels rising on the piers. It’s a whole lot better for fishing now. We’re getting a lot more bites than before,” said Reginald Whittemore who was fishing with his twin brother.

With more lake to boat on and better fishing, Lake Wylie is in for a busy weekend, but officials say safety first.

“The main safety concern right now is any debris in the water that wasn’t there before due to the high water level. Anytime we have a large rainfall, we’re going to see debris in the water. Another thing is current. If there’s a dam close by where they’re evacuating water from one lake to another, you’re going to see an increased current which is going to change the dynamics of how you drive your boat,” said William Laton with N.C. Wildlife Resources.

“I’d like to get out here on a boat and not do pier fishing. If I can get out on a boat, I’ll definitely be out her this weekend,” said Whittemore.

“We have some friends who live on the water and their slip wasn’t floating until after the rain. Now, they’re able to get their boat back into the water too. We’ll be back out this weekend for sure,” said Garris.

Wildlife Resources says it expects a lot of people to be on Lake Wylie over the weekend and will be doing its usual patrol to make sure everyone is safe.

Here’s a full list of public access boat ramps:

Upper Lake Wylie

  • Allen Fishing Access Area
  • South Point Access Area
  • Stowe Botanical Garden 704-825-4990

Lower Lake Wylie

  • Copperhead Access Area 704-588-5224
  • Buster Boyd Access Area
  • McDowell Nature Preserve 704-588-5224
  • Lake Wylie Marina 803-831-2101
  • River Hills Marina 803-831-7286
  • Carolina Crossing Marina 704-588-5463
  • Allison Creek Access Area
  • Nivens Creek Access Area
  • Ebenezer Access Area 803-366-6620
  • Fort Mill Access Area
  • Lake Club Marina 1-803-324-2232
  • Tega Cay Marina 1-803-548-3715