Body found inside stolen car in Gastonia on Thanksgiving

Police are investigating a Thanksgiving Day homicide in Gastonia.

"Seven, eight police cars lined up on the side of this road," said Johnathan Hall who lives nearby where the body was found.

Police say they discovered a body inside a stolen car early Thanksgiving morning. Officers say the Honda Civic was parked at the dead end of West 7th Avenue.

"I saw them putting on blue gloves. I knew something wasn't right when I saw the gloves come on," said Hall.

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Police say it started with a shooting on Sunshine Avenue at 3:30 Thanksgiving morning. An unknown suspect shot a 21-year-old in the leg and stole his car, according to the report. That same car was later discovered a mile and a half away on West 7th Avenue according to police. A neighbor told FOX 46 off camera that the body was found in the back seat of the car.

"I want to know who it was and how old they were. Hopefully it was no one I know. I'm nervous now," said Hall.

Police have not released the name of the victim or whether or not they have a suspect.

Hall says shootings are all too common near Sunshine Avenue.

"It's average considering the neighborhood it's in. A few months ago, people were shooting and next thing you know someone was shot. There's always a bunch of shooting. Police always stay up the road once or twice a week."

A terrible crime anytime, but especially on a day dedicated to giving thanks.

"It's sad to say it's normal, but people don't care about each other anymore. You just to love your family and keep those close to you close to you," said Hall.