Building plans for Common Market released accidentally

What used to be Food Truck Fridays and Common Market could soon be replaced by this building and many are not happy with the looks of it.

"The proposal or rendering doesn't seem to fit into what we come to know as south end," Adam Griffin said.

People who live and work in South End told FOX 46 Charlotte, it's a good looking building but it's not for South End.

"We're looking more like uptown than South End," Jeri Thompson said.

"The way the city is going. It feels like they want to make south end an extension of Uptown and it doesn't make sense. It's nice when Charlotte has really distinct and unique neighborhoods,” Griffin said.

They're worried the new kids on the block may be taking over.

"I did zoom in to see what angle they were shooting it from. I could see Phat Burrito and it looked as big as the people in the drawing and of course we are right next to Phat Burrito. I'm just a little worried about getting dwarfed, that we will be the little kids on the block, after we've pretty much have been here the longest on the block"

Duda Paine Architects posted the photo on its twitter page but the post has since been removed. They tell FOX 46 Charlotte their marketing team accidentally released the photo but the damage has been done.

"I feel like that has been happening all over the city which is really sad. A lot of these developers come in and push the reasons people want to come into the neighborhoods out those neighborhoods and they lose a lot of character," Griffin said.

The building will serve as a headquarters for Dimensional Fund Advisors. As of right now, it will be eight stories high and will have retail space for shops, cafes and parking.