Building where UNCC shooting took place still closed, future use unclear

The UNC Charlotte building where two students were killed and four others were injured by a gunman last week is still closed to the public. There are no plans to hold summer classes there, but beyond that, it's unclear.

The university wants to get input from different people, including the victims' families, before they decide what to do with Kennedy Hall.

Police say the accused gunman was never on their radar, and UNCC Police Chief Jeff Baker, says he's not aware that the shooter made any complaints to administration when he was previously enrolled at the school. No one knew until he walked into his former classroom on April 30 and opened fire

 “I feel like that could have been me-- could have been any time, anyone,” UNCC student Brandon Sheng said. 


Sheng says he was in a class with Reed Parlier, who was killed in the attack, just hours before the shooting. 

“No one's going to know if the person's going to go out of their way to say ‘oh, I have problems, I’m dropping out, so you just don't know what's going to happen,’” Sheng said. 

UNC Charlotte does have a program in place to track some students who withdraw from classes, and if they've sought counseling at the university, we're told there is some follow-up when they leave.

There’s also a way to keep an eye on students when they leave if there have been issues in the past. 

“We have a team---our Campus Behavioral Intervention Team that tracks students who might have raised concerns through behavior or social media posts that will make us want to keep an eye on them,” said David Spano, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. 

About 400 students have sought counseling since the deadly shooting on campus last week, according to the university.

The university says it's working with other UNC schools throughout the state to provide counseling for students who go home for the summer. They're also connecting out of state students with counseling contacts in their local areas.